Our Story


Todd Van Epps, the owner of CI Aerial, has been providing professional aerial services to the Southern California area for the past 5 years. With hundreds of flight hours logged, Todd has safely operated many types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's). He owns, operates and maintains numerous aircraft capable of holding multiple sensor packages. Todd's knowledge of  drone safety is unmatched within the community.

Todd began his flight career in 2005 after a friend coaxed him to fly a combat wing on a windy afternoon. From there his passion for flight took off, within a year he had purchased a variety of model aircraft. In 2010 he discovered a need for high quality aerial imagery at a minimal cost. While working as an environmental scientist, Todd realized many of the aircraft he flew as a hobby could be modified to hold a camera or sensor package capable of capturing imagery or data at a fraction of the cost that manned aircraft could. 

Todd prides himself on perfection, providing only the best in equipment and technology available. Todd operates several multirotor helicopters, single rotor helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Todd has flown for a variety of events, individuals and governmental agencies over the years.

Todd and his team bring an attitude of excitement to each job. No job is too big or small for them and they enjoy thinking outside the box to accomplish the task at hand.